Twitch streamers will be able to create their own unique NFTs

Streamers and their followers are aware of the power of emojis on Twitch. With a new partnership between Enjin and PlayNFT, users will be able to enter a whole metaverse of unique collectible NFTs created by their favorite streamers.

New partnership: Enjin and PlayNFT

PlayNFT Enigma Games development studio will use the Enjin Efinity parachain to create their NFT release solution. This will bring the active Twitch community of 9.2 million streamers and subscribers to a world of non-fungible tokens.

For many streamers, finding new monetization opportunities is critical to running a successful brand and business.

Twitch streamers are constantly looking for ways to reach new audiences and connect with them more closely, said Enigma Games CEO Xavier Moore.

We think that NFT as a form of social currency will become the most popular tool for interacting with the community on the Internet.

With the help of Enjin, streamers will be able to create their own unique NFTs, as well as choose which applications and games to use with them.

Enjin’s involvement also means that PlayNFT’s game library will expand significantly.

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