Twitter joins NFT support

Twitter will add NFT support

Social network users will be able to connect a cryptocurrency wallet to their account and set non-fungible tokens as a profile picture

The social network Twitter will allow users to connect a cryptocurrency wallet to their account and import non-fungible tokens (NFT) to use as a profile picture. This was announced by Twitter senior software engineer Mada Aflak. She posted a video that showcases a new social networking feature in development. According to Aflak, NFT tokens on the profile image will be marked with a special icon that will confirm the authenticity of the token.

Recently Twitter added a feature that allows Bitcoin donations to be sent. At the moment, it is available only on devices with the iOS operating system, in the coming weeks it is promised to be added to Android.

Transfers are carried out using the Lighting Network (allows you to send bitcoins faster and cheaper). To send and receive cryptocurrency, users of social networks need to connect a Lighting wallet or bind a bitcoin address.

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