Unique news! Ankara University to launch official NFT course

Ankara University is the first higher education institution in Turkey to offer a course on non-solvent tokens (NFTs)

As already mentioned, Ankara University is the first Turkish university to offer courses in cryptocurrencies. High-ranking officials from the presidential administration and the ministry of culture attended the first fusible token class, according to Hürriyet newspaper.

Ankara University starts course on NFTs

The university’s initiative came after the Turkish President instructed the country’s Justice and Development Party to investigate events related to cryptocurrencies. Moreover, his announcement in December that Turkey was preparing a law on cryptocurrencies was the impetus for this move.

Nekdet Unuvar, rector of Ankara University, said: “We are happy to teach about NFT, but our students are happier than us.” Currently Bura Ayan teaches the course “Introduction to BMT”.

Among the guests at the lecture was Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Zgul Zkan Yavuz. Ali Taha Koç, head of the Digital Transformation Office under the President of Turkey, also attended the lecture with him. Yavuz said during the accompanying ceremony: “We believe that the NFT will spark the development of artistic creativity, skills and talents among young people. The step that Ankara University has taken to increase awareness of the NFT is very important.”

Ali Taha Koch revealed that his office is working on a variety of other digital initiatives. “Don’t think that NFT is purely a technology issue. The NFT also has a legal dimension that will make us think about how it will affect our business practices,” he added.

Koç mentioned that his department is currently working on a Turkish term for NFT. In addition, he encouraged course participants to contribute their ideas to this work. Announcing his intention to launch the poll on social media, he stated, “Everyone should join and add an alternative name for NFT.”

Other governments are taking steps towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Earlier, the Thai government canceled its plans to introduce a 15 percent tax on all cryptocurrency transactions. Surprisingly, India has also taken an important step in accepting cryptocurrencies.

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