NFTs are rapidly taking over the music industry


Steve Aoki said that he earned more from NFT tokens than in all 10 years of his musical career. And Snoop Dogg sold $45 million worth of NFTs the week after the Super Bowl and also announced his intention to turn his Death Row Records label into an NFT.

Major labels as well as individual artists are expanding their reach in the NFT world. Universal Music Group and Curio announced a strategic partnership in the field of NFT.

Curio, known for its NFT projects with various entertainment companies, will become the official distributor of licensed NFT projects from Universal Music Group. The company will represent the interests of not only the music label itself, but also its individual artist.

Previously, Curio has successfully released 75,000 NFTs through collaborations with other entertainment companies in the fields of music, film and television.

But the company doesn’t stop there. UMG is planning a collaboration with Genies to create virtual identities for artists in the metaverse. And in November last year, the company created a virtual group called KINGSHIP with Bored Ape Yacht Club characters.

With the help of Curio and their innovative ideas, the label plans to attract as many fans as possible and create NFT projects for them in the future with their favorite world stars.

Each project, according to UMG representatives, will be carefully worked out so that fans who are not familiar with NFT technologies do not care about anything:

“UMG and our labels are focused on developing NFT projects that engage and reach out to our artists’ fans. With Curio, our labels will have a secure and dedicated platform to host these projects and provide collectors and fans around the world with new opportunities to acquire unique items inspired by their favorite artists and labels.”

UMG is really looking to develop the new features that Web3 provides. They see what NFT technology has to offer artists to develop and disseminate their creativity, and are doing everything they can to help make those opportunities possible.

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