Upcoming Age of Tanks Alpha Release and NFT Sale

Age of Tanks is rumored to release a beta and begin its first public NFT sale sometime in January. Let’s take a look at this upcoming game developed by Defination, an innovative game design studio based in Singapore.

What is Age of Tanks and when will it be published NFT?

Age of Tanks is a 3D turn-based strategy card game set in an immersive metaverse where players can build their favorite tanks, create tank teams, outsmart opponents and control the battlefield.

Players in the game receive the title of “Champions” and own parts of the tanks, which, when combined, can be used for battles and earn in-game currency. As with all NFT games, players have full, perpetual ownership of their assets and can trade them on the market.

Free to play

The developers are committed to always support Free to Play gamers in their AMAs and whitepapers.

At the beginning of your journey in Age of Tanks, you will receive a basic tank for free, which can be used to mine game currency (broadium). Once you have enough Brodium, you can start opening Battlepacks.

Inside the war chests you will find the materials needed to build new tanks and progress along the way. To build a tank from parts found in War Crates, you will need to pay a conversion fee with AOT Tokens.

Tank construction and trade

Tanks are the most important element for fighting opponents and earning AOT. But before you can start making money in the game, you need to fight in PVP mode.

When you start the game with a free tank, you won’t have access to PVP. You will only be able to play in PVE mode until you get enough Brodium to buy military equipment and build a new tank. Then you will get access to the PVP mode.
Tanks are built from four components:

Hatch: Part of the Hatch provides Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, and AOE Damage. All parts of the hatch have different weights.

Weapon: Weapon parts determine how much base attack damage enemy tanks can deal. All weapon parts have random bonus attack abilities. All parts of the gun have different weights.
Hull: Part of the hull provides armor and HP. All hull parts have random bonus defensive abilities. All parts of the body have different weights.

Engine: Engine parts are perhaps the most important parts of all. The engine determines the movement and attack speed of each tank, as well as the maximum allowable weight of the other three parts. There are 3 different classes with 6 engine types. Each engine will suit different playing styles. For example, some engines will suit light tanks with high speed and not very strong defenses, while other engines focus on raw power and one-shot kills.
Each part can be sold separately and/or as part of a tank assembly. All tanks will be very different from each other, and each component will give players special bonuses and abilities depending on the rarity level.

On the Market, you can trade components of any rarity, including parts obtained with Brodium only after completing the PVE campaign. This allows new free-to-play users to trade in free-to-play parts instead of building a new tank if they are not interested in continuing to play in PVP mode.

PVP Arena

This is where things get serious. You can fight in 1vs1 or 7vs7 mode – the latter option will be the best if you decide to join a guild.

Depending on the difficulty and rarity of the components, each battle gives you an AOT, the official game control token. Details on the amount of AOTs earned and/or actual earning opportunities per fight are yet to be revealed, but the CEO says now is the best time to get involved and start earning your first components and AOTs.

To get into the arena, players will need energy. The daily energy level will be capped to control the amount of AOTs earned in order to maintain a sustainable in-game economy.

Who is behind the game?

The team behind Age of Tanks is a small game development studio in Singapore called Defination.

Defination is a 9 man team led by Jackson Neo. He’s been hosting NFT AMAs almost daily in recent weeks and is very candid about the game’s development stage.

According to Neo, they were a game development firm first and foremost, so their gaming experience comes first. Development of Age of Tanks started some time ago, but in 2021 the Defination team decided to change direction and introduce NFT and play-to-earn mechanics into the project.

Many blockchain games may seem like outdated browser games with NFT components. The team behind Age of Tanks wants to fight this status quo and create something unique, enjoyable and sustainable – even in a bear market.

Check out the UniX Gaming AMA with Defination CEO Jackson Neo, who shared his own vision.

Tokenomics and roadmap

This chart below details the gameplay and how Brodium and AOT are earned and burned in the ecosystem. As you can see, the token has a high utility in the game. With their help, you can improve tank parts, open new combat boxes or forge parts to get more rare ones.

AOT will also be required for Landplay monde to buy lands, forges, and other in-game components. Age of Tanks will not be the sole owner of all lands and forges. They have made it clear that they want players to own the in-game components.

The game is powered by BSC (Binance Smart Chain). The AOT token is already available for trading on Pancake Swap and MEXC.

AOT can be obtained quite easily in PVP battles. But with limited daily earnings, high token utility, and burn mechanisms, we believe Age of Tanks tokenomics has the potential to become a sustainable model.

With solid tokenomics and an experienced development team, Age of Tanks looks like a promising project. We are looking forward to the release of the beta version, which should be launched soon. This will allow us to better assess the potential of the game in terms of enjoyment and earning potential.

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