Users Can Earn NFT: Gifts In Play To Earn Games Ahead Of Halloween

This year, especially for Halloween, teams of popular blockchain games will hold various sweepstakes and contests for players with worthy prizes.

Enjin’s life-or-NFT wallet raffle

Enjin shares a series of QR Codes that users can use to earn Halloween-themed NFTs on Jumpnet. Scan the QR Code and get a series of free NFTs. Please note, their number is limited.

Join the virtual world of Decentraland for a 5-day treasure hunt with special prizes every day and a top prize for those who complete the puzzle. The event will air from October 27th to 31st in the Genesis Area.

Another Decentraland event “Deadfellaz: Infected” will take place on October 30 at 02:00 Moscow time. For more information, read the tweet below.

Introducing the Deadfellaz: Infected Metaverse Halloween Party in 2021. Join us at @decentraland on Oct 29 at 7:00 pm ET for the tainted exhibit, games, live music, special guests, airdrops, murals and more.

REVV Racing


REVV Racing is hosting a series of 4 events with hundreds of prizes for the winners. Take part in races, communicate and win! More details can be found in the tweet below.

Halloween Party at Polkamonsters

A giant pumpkin appeared in Polkamonsters to fight and defeat the Halloween boss. There is no exact information about the prizes yet, so follow the game on Twitter.

CryptoBlades Art Competition

Create a Halloween Raid Boss and win Cryptoblades in-game assets. You have until October 30! For more information, read the tweet below.

Bones Club and Halloween at Nemesis

Nemesis in collaboration with the Bones Club is organizing Halloween in the Bones Club Metaverse with lots of fun, music and special prizes. Read the tweet as always.

Happy game and good prizes to everyone who is interested!

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