Valve Banned From Placing Cryptocurrency And NFT Games On Steam

More on banning projects with NFT

In the rules of the Steamworks service from Valve, in which most of the medium-sized developers upload their games, a new clause has appeared. It prohibits the placement of projects based on blockchain and providing for the receipt of cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). All such games will now be removed from the platform. There have been no official comments from Valve yet.

The changes were first noticed by the creators of the game Age of Rust, in which you can get NFT for some achievements. The Steamworks agreement does not allow games to contain objects that have real value (unless it is, of course, a bone hook or a cool knife from CS), and this definition also includes cryptocurrencies with NFT. The developers of Age of Rust condemned Valve’s decision and added that the future belongs to blockchain games.

Tim Sweeney, head of the Epic Games Store, (almost) agrees with them, who announced that his store will support blockchain games. BUT if several conditions are met: compliance with the laws, the presence of an age rating and clear rules of use. Sweeney has no plans to add NFTs or cryptocurrencies to the games of his company.

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