VeChain will have COVID-certificates in NFT format

The VeChain [VET] cryptocurrency network will be the first network to release NFTs for real government use. In the Republic of San Marino, certificates of vaccination against COVID-19 will be issued at its base. The developers received approval from the state authorities in mid-June, the issued certificates will comply with the standards of the European Union.

VeChain will release the first state-owned NFTs VeChain has created eNFT technology (Enterprise NFT), which are designed for use by businesses and governments. These certifications are intended to help companies and government agencies digitize their services. They have found application in San Marino, whose authorities have approved the issuance of COVID certificates for this technology. Such a certificate will prescribe whether a person has had a coronavirus, whether he was vaccinated and what test results he received.

Each certificate will be valid 15 days after the first dose of vaccination. After the second, the validity period will be equal to 9 months. The issuance of NFT certificates will be EU compliant, which means it will be valid outside San Marino. According to the developers, this technology, being the first, sets standards in this direction. The certificate looks like a QR code to the user on the device. A special application is used to read and check it. The certificates will be connected to non-exchangeable tokens stored on our blockchain.

They will be available 100% of the time and cannot be faked. When reading, users can be sure that truthful information is registered in them. VeChain, network partners and San Marino authorities have built a national information system for this system. It supports the issuance, validation of tokens and gives residents access to the records of the national health system. VeChain CEO Sunny Liu Digital Covid Certificates is an implementation of our recently released eNFT technology. This decision will help the state to more effectively resist the coronavirus epidemic.

The VeChain community has responded well to the launch of digital certificates. Some users have called it an example of the largest blockchain implementation in the real world. Users believe this work will unlock the potential of the VeChain network as a platform for real-life applications.

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