Victoria’s Secret plans to enter the Metaverse and the NFT space

NFT is also interesting for Victoria’s Secret

Popular lingerie and fragrance brand Victoria’s Secret has filed four Metaverse and NFT-related trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Patent Attorney Mike Kondoudis said on Twitter.

“Victoria’s Secret plans to offer blockchain-enabled digital collectibles and media, as well as online clothing and media for use in ‘virtual environments’.”

The company also plans “entertainment services, namely the provision of online clothing, underwear, shoes, hats, glasses, bags, fashion accessories, photographs, images, videos and recorded footage for use in a virtual environment and virtual fashion shows.”

Victoria’s Secret is following in the footsteps of other fashion brands – Gucci, Adidas and Ralph Lauren – who have already joined the metaverse and offer users the opportunity to dress their avatars in premium branded digital clothing.

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