Video with 884 million views will be removed from YouTube after it is sold at an NFT auction

This is part of the history of the internet. The video “Charlie bit my finger” must have been seen by everyone who is constantly present in the YouTube space. In the short video, baby Charlie chews on his older brother’s hand until he utters the phrase “Charlie bit my finger,” which has become a meme. The 55 second video is one of the most successful clips ever on Youtube. Most viral of viral videos, pioneer of meme culture.
The original video has already received 884 million views. However, there will be no more views.
The video uploaded in 2007 was marketed as NFT. On Sunday, May 23rd, an hourly auction was held at the auction. In the end, the anonymous bidder won the race for the clip. The family of two boys received $ 760,999 for this.

The end of the hype video is the beginning of a new trend

The Davis-Carr family auction page states that the video will soon be unavailable. Anyone can download and save the video as they wish, but family members make it clear that the highest bidder is the sole true owner of the legendary Charlie Bit My Finger NFT. It is unknown who will be the future copyright holder for the video.
“Charlie Bit My Finger” is not the first classic meme to once again give its creators some nice additional income in the form of NFTs. Zoe Roth, who became known as “Disaster Girl,” only sold the original photo of the meme in mid-April. In the famous photo, four-year-old Zoya poses in front of a burning house. One bidder paid 180 ETH, which is roughly $ 485,000. Roth even retained the copyright.
Therefore, if you have created a video or photo in the past 15 years that has reached meme status in the meantime, you should consider auctioning the original as an NFT. There is currently no easier or faster way to make money.

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