When can we replace fiat money with our own personal cryptocurrency?

I want to tell you about the future.

There is no place for emission centers. In the future, emission centers are every person, or a cat.

You are a shoemaker, a cook, a hairdresser, a doctor, a plumber, an artist, and you have your own cryptocurrency that you accept as a reward for your services.

If you are a good specialist, your currency is growing in price, if not, then it is declining. In order for an artist to buy a bun from a chef, he needs to swap art coin to a chef coin. And then you won’t be hungry.

The richest will be the most talented, or the one who cooks deliciously, or cool to repair an electrician.

Right now you can minify your simple coin contract and throw $10-20 liquidity into it.

The future is you…

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