WhIsBe collection


A collection of WhIsBes (Gummiy bears), which must have been detained by the police for violations. NFT presents a photo shoot from the front, and from the right and left from the side.

Multi-colored bears, someone a chameleon, someone red, snakeskin, an armadillo skin, a zebra, just a bear, a tiger, a leopard, a white leopard, a panda, as well as red, yellow purple and other coloring. A very interesting collection within the framework of the NTF – industry.

Cute Gummy Bears cost about 1 Eth. At the time of writing this review, 4000 $. Take or not take your decision. I would like the price 10 times less. 0.1 Eth is the coolest !!! But so far only for 0.86 eth. Some prices go up to 99 eth.

Why am I reviewing this particular collection. I liked the idea WhIsBe’s mysterious vandal gummy mugshots began appearing on the streets of Brooklyn in 2013 as wheatpastes and murals. Fast forward to 2020 and you can see 6 figure 7 ft sculptures all over the world, in museums, public spaces, even in the lobby of the World Trade Center in NYC.

But I disagree  that collecting WhIsBe now is like collecting KAWS five years ago. KAWS are not edible, and bears are jujube. KAWS sad with crosses instead of eyes cause depression and a gray mood, and bears are bears! Animals are cool. Bears move very nicely when taking pictures.

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