Winged meows by Jill Feenstra

Meowing is quite common in the open sea in the NFT. Winged meows by Jill Feenstra – unique author’s nft meows with wings. Occasionally there are a halo, a mouse, a mug.

Winged meow # 3 was very popular. number 3 matches the number of eyes. the meow has a third eye, which organically fits into the portrait of meow. Having bought it for 0.04 eth, someone (6DA1B7) has already put it up for sale for 33 eth !!!

Meowing is advancing across the globe and in general the composition looks like “A fateful meow with the third eye of Providence spins the globe with its paws”

The winged meow # 6 unicorn is a relative of the three-eyed meow because their faces are similar. Meows often drink coffee and eat cake.

Meowing’s financial prospects have already shown the interest of collectors and resellers. The initial value of winged meows is very low.

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