Xinhua to release NFT photo report collection

“Digital” NFT memory recorded in the world of the metaverse

China’s Xinhua News Agency will release a collection of its photo stories in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT). It will be China’s first “digital news collection”, the agency said Wednesday.

“This digital news collection captures many precious 2021 historical moments, this is a special year-end recap,” Xinhua said in a statement. The agency has called the upcoming release “digital memory recorded in the world of the metaverse.”

Eleven NFT photo stories will be released free of charge on December 24 at 20:00 Beijing time (15:00 Moscow time).

Non-fungible token – a digital certificate based on blockchain technology, confirming the ownership of a virtual asset. The NFT is unique and cannot be faked or replaced. NFT technology was created in 2017. During its existence, over 5 million tokens have been sold.

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