XRP quotes news about the launch of the NFT platform, Chainalysis adjusts to the sanctions execution mode

Ripple developers are ready to launch their own NFT token standard

Ripple developers are ready to launch their own NFT token standard in the upcoming XRP Ledger (XRPL) blockchain update. This network has significant advantages over Ethereum and other blockchains in terms of low transaction costs, environmental friendliness, and a unique miner-free validation protocol.

Against the backdrop of Ripple’s statements, the XRP token grew by 9.5% over yesterday, regaining the previously lost 6th line in the rating.

The platform for issuing unique NFT Devnet tokens has been running on the XRPL blockchain since the beginning of the year in test mode. Ripple developers have created a $250 million fund for it to finance startups in DeFi and GameFi industries ready to transfer their projects to a new ecosystem.

4,000 applications providing a boom in the early days of the NFT Devnet

So far, 4,000 applications have been collected, which can provide a boom during the first days of the NFT Devnet. The XRP token may further increase when the developers decide on the exact release date of the update.

Chainalysis, which specializes in finding and scanning cryptocurrency blockchains for AML violations, has released an API to the oracle network. They keep a “black list” of wallets, which is now replenished by numerous addresses of Russian users.

Oracles were created to voluntarily connect DeFi projects that wish to comply with the sanctions regime and the requirements of regulators. The release of the API will expand the list of service recipients by opening access to this information to centralized services, cryptocurrency exchanges and payment systems.

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