Yahoo launches NFT for animal lovers

Yahoo Hong Kong will partner with its online magazine to release 100 French-themed NFTs for pets. The Global pets NFTs theme park not only welcomes pets of all kinds, their owners and other pet lovers, but also expresses the core principles of the brand, such as environmental protection, mental and physical well-being, culture, travel and uniqueness.

Every urban Frenchman has his own unique personality and hobby. This way, users can find the NFT that best represents them to express their love for their furry friends in the metaverse.

Matthew Chan, Yahoo’s head of sales for Hong Kong and China, commented on the development:

“In an effort to offer our users a one-of-a-kind experience, Yahoo Hong Kong is actively pursuing new opportunities as technology changes the world, our lives and the way we interact. not only with other people, but also with information. Expanding our presence in the metaverse and NFTs are top priorities for Yahoo Hong Kong. We hope to bring even more fun and rewarding experiences by promoting the art of Hong Kong in partnership with a local illustrator in the BetterMe City Frenchie magazine project.”

For every City Frenchie NFT purchased, BetterMe will donate a portion of its profits to the Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) to cover the huge cost of neglected, old, disabled or sick animals.

Owners (digital collectors) of NFT City Frenchie can support these animals and have the opportunity to visit pets at SAA.

According to Yahoo Hong Kong, 1105 NFT City Frenchie will be available for presale on Artzioneer on August 1st starting at HK$800 (paid with Mastercard or Visa). The official launch will take place on August 8th.
Enabling users to connect to digital worlds

Branding actively continues to expand its presence in the metaverse to provide its users with an exceptional experience. The latest development comes after Yahoo last month launched a series of Metaverse and NFT-related events in the Decentraland metaverse to entertain the people of Hong Kong.

According to the California-based company, these new metaverse capabilities allow Hong Kong residents to keep up with their social lives while adhering to COVID-19 regulations.

Yahoo believes the metaverse could allow quarantined locals to keep in touch with friends and family.

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