Zynga is about to release several NFT-based games

Last year, the multi-billion dollar company appointed a new head of blockchain gaming in Matt Wolf, announcing a new digital evolution for the company.

By the end of this year, the developers also plan to increase the headquarters from 15 to 100 employees specializing in the field of blockchain games and NFTs in general.

In an interview, Woolf admitted that there was no point in adding NFT technology to their company’s existing games. Developers are focused on creating completely new games. When asked to tell more about NFT games, he replied that they would basically be similar to the once beloved Mafia Wars game.

Despite the fact that many development companies are taking uncertain steps in the field of NFT games due to massive user dissatisfaction, Zynga is confidently and aggressively striding towards the blockchain.

Players who have experienced the innovations of the developers claim that this is another way to lure money from users. But Wolf assures that his company will be ready to refuse any kind of implementation of NFT in case of dissatisfaction of gamers. A living example of this was the protests of EA and Ubisoft fans.

For Zynga, game tokenization will be a big step into the future of not only developers, but also the players themselves, as NFT creates new value and ways to earn money for both parties.

In conclusion, Woolf said that he was well aware of the difficulties:

“It really depends on the community…” he admitted.

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