Bitcoin is rubbish

Bitcoin is rubbish. It’s time to sell
Unfortunately, the natives and natives did not understand that their gold was more valuable than this Spanish bells and mirrors.

Bitcoin is barely holding back 20k. Miners are already in a big drawdown.
As soon as the mining equipment starts to turn off. The stupor with transactions will begin.

Those who bought for 30 k will sell for 15.
But then the cue ball will continue carrion below 10. These same people will buy the cue ball 8-9. But they will sell already for 3 k.

Bitcoin will become – 0.
And then sharply 1000000
and then again 0

Because the sha255 algorithm will be hacked.
It has already been briefly hacked by quantum qubits in 2020.
But few people noticed

People in a panic rushed to the stock exchange to sell or buy, but the Internet is disconnected.

Stock up on paper books friends.

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