How i sold 4 nft?

Technology and the era of NFT went in bursts, today there is a lull. At the same time, it is reliably known about the use of oil sales as laundering of illegal money and so on.
But what about us ordinary artists, photographers, 3d engineers who checked in NFT and rushed to sell their NFT.
But it was not there. Nobody wants our work. Selling and even promoting is very difficult. Real selling is when someone is willing to pay their Ether for your NFT.
What did I do?
1. I tried to get followers on Twitter and promoted myself there. Result-> twitter account blocking (Jack – you’re a FUCK, Elon – forever!!!)
2. Placed on several marketplaces, not only on open sites (mintable, foundation)
Result-> sales were only at the open (the rest either gobbled up money for placement as a foundation, or silence – mintable)
3. I gave my nft with pictures on which he wrote that it was a gift, and someday you might buy my wonderful nft
Result-> 1 sale
4. My bio-nft collection was really unique and beautiful and disappeared into the notable open for a few days
Result-> 3 sales
That’s all
Of course not
Further, I understood that notable is not a privilege of the open, but of people, i.e. us. And on the site, biopixel created its own noteable.
This made the artists very happy.
You have no idea how nice it is when an artist rejoices that some resource has noticed him.
Then I tried to review the collections, which also played a positive role in the community.
But soon the NFTs were blown away, the money was gone. I had to work offline. And then we got to this post.
Don’t give up, strive. And you will definitely be noticed and appreciated.

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