Hackers Attacked General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs

One of the leaders in the crypto ATM market, General Bytes, announced a hacker attack on its bitcoin ATMs around the world.

The attackers successfully carried out a zero-day attack on General Bytes servers by exploiting a vulnerability in the software to control the operation of the CAS hardware. They managed to create a fake administrator account and modify the settings for buying and selling cryptocurrency in such a way that users of the devices sent digital assets to a wallet owned by criminals.

General Bytes employees asked customers to stop using bitcoin ATMs until specialists make a patch for the software installed on 18 servers. After that, the device will need to restart and change the firewall settings.

Hackers Attacked General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs

Representatives of the manufacturer of cryptomats have not yet reported how many bitcoins were stolen by hackers. Experts are investigating the incident and note that as a result of several cybersecurity checks performed since 2020, no vulnerability was found in CAS.

Customers have also been advised to modify their server firewall settings so that the CAS admin interface can only be accessed from authorized IP addresses, among other things.

Before reactivating the terminals, General Bytes also reminded customers to review their “SELL Crypto Setting” to ensure that the hackers didn’t modify the settings such that any received funds would instead be transferred to them (and not the customers).

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