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No Pak

I don’t know who Murad Pak is. They say that this is not a person at all, but an algorithm. There are materials and books authored by Pak. To understand who I’m talking about – this is the guy who sold the pixel for 2 or 3 million dollars. But money is not important here. …

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The Doggies (Snoop Dogg)

Cute collection of cute snoopdogg ntf. This guy for me first lit up in the movie “Training Day”. What??? didn’t you watch it??? Come on baby, turn on youtube and watch snoopdog snippets. In the same place, such a figure flashed as the little-known Jay Z (of course he was a corrupt cop) To the collection: One word. mind-blowing! For …

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CryptoMories Awfully scary collection of skeletons – remember death. Crypto skeletons will scare everyone, but not only at their cost. There are really scary ones, Someone’s helmet is broken, their brains stick out. someone in tattoos, and with an Egyptian pyramid on his head A lot with arrows in the head, cool, as I understand …

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WhIsBe collection A collection of WhIsBes (Gummiy bears), which must have been detained by the police for violations. NFT presents a photo shoot from the front, and from the right and left from the side. Multi-colored bears, someone a chameleon, someone red, snakeskin, an armadillo skin, a zebra, just a bear, a tiger, a leopard, a …

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EricM77 by @ericmaldonado The author says: These works allow us to have fun while simultaneously being aware of our multi-layered reality through children’s perception. This small collection really shows very clearly the multi-layered world around. But it’s not just about children’s perception. These NTFs almost repeat the initial stages of the development of machine vision. In the …

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FREAKOLOCOS! – by Jon Lovac Wonderful FREAKOLOCOS collection. This is a kids’ pencil style that is no older and survives historical eras. Portraits, personalization, mockery, denial of postulates can be traced in the works, sometimes genitals are also present. According to our humble opinion, the most promising works are:  5,008 total views

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