Fewocious new historical high of secondary sales of its NFT project

By selling his NFT “The Sailor” for an impressive 350 ETH, digital artist Fewocious has reached another milestone in his creative journey.

Teen Victor Langlois, known as Fewocious, has once again set a new all-time high in secondary sales. His NFT work “The Sailor” was sold for 350 ETH, which is approximately $595 thousand.

The user under the nickname “capital6529” purchased the artist’s painting from its previous owner “2YeahYeah” and did not hide his excitement about this, saying that he had long been waiting for the moment when he could replenish his collection with Victor’s work.

With this deal, Fewocious, a prominent and visible member of the LGBT+ crypto artist community, has once again demonstrated the power of his art.

Fewocious new historical high of secondary sales of its NFT project

“The Sailor” depicts an abstract human face. This painting has so many intricate details that it is impossible to notice at a glance.

“My second grade English teacher saw this and tweeted me that she would add this artwork and my story to her lesson on resilience for her students,” the artist tweeted.

Fewocious continues to break records. He was recognized as the youngest artist ever presented by Christie’s. The excitement around his work on the day of the auction brought down the website of Christie’s.

Fewocious has sold multiple NFTs for a total of almost $19 million, which is the third highest figure in the Nifty Gateway NFT market. This time, “The Sailor” took the lead and became the most expensive secondary sale token on SuperRare, which in itself speaks of his extraordinary NFT art.

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