how to understand pictures. how to figure out where the real art is and where the slag is.

You think it’s very difficult to be an art critic. Does Malevich’s square cost more than the sea from Aivozovsky?
How to understand where the real art is?
If we discard such nanxia as plagiarism and copying ideas and so on. Real art will 1. like, 2 want to look longer than other paintings (this applies to music and films too)
Simply put, you should have contact – a conversation with a work of art. At least the picture should tell you something. You, too, can say something in response, but better not loudly, otherwise in the gallery they will think about you that you are sick.
So you are not a professional art critic. They will tell you what is valuable. Do not believe, they are just marketers who earn.
Pictures are things from the past. When there was no animation and cinema. Cortina is like a window into another change or transfer in time and space. What hangs on the wall (a bull, a field of wheat, or a young girl) is like several subuniverses. You cannot enter inside and they do not move, but you can see and analyze.
It’s simple: you like what you buy and hang on the wall. This may not be Kandinsky or Renoir, but a young student from the 1st year.

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