The number of dApps in the Polygon network increased by 400%

The Polygon team reported that the total number of dApps on the network has so far increased by 400% compared to the beginning of the year and stands at 37,000.

As of March of this year, the total number of monthly active dApps was around 8,000. However, the latest data shows that this number has increased to 11,800 as of last month. This figure shows a 47.5% increase in the last four weeks since end of July.

Integrated applications only on the Polygon blockchain accounted for 74%. On the other hand, those deployed on the blockchain and Ethereum accounted for 26%, but this number includes large and popular projects such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, OpenSea and others.

The number of dApps in the Polygon network increased by 400%

In addition, more than 142 million addresses are linked to decentralized applications running on the Polygon blockchain. According to a blog post by the Polygon team, these unique user addresses hold assets worth up to $5 billion. By this point, there are also about 1.6 billion transactions on the blockchain.

Ryan Wyatt, CEO of Polygon, agreed with the statement that the network is having a good year. The reason for the growth of decentralized applications was the partnership with the Alchemy web3 platform. The company added that this partnership made it easier for Polygon developers to create decentralized applications.

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