Cosmic Wire Launches Web3 Tattoo Art

One of the Web3 leaders, Cosmic Wire is partnering with famed tattoo artist Ivana Belakova to launch her unique, one-of-a-kind artistic tattoos as NFTs.

Each token from the NFT collection will become a VIP ticket to a series of events from Ivana planned in Dubai, Europe and Los Angeles. NFT owners will have exclusive access to her sessions and will have the opportunity to win their own tattoo, as well as a collection of other physical items featuring their NFT tattoo.

Ivana Belakova is the first and only woman in the world to have her tattoos certified as contemporary fine art by the Macro Museum in Rome. Her celebrity client list includes Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rich the Kid, Quavo and more.

Cosmic Wire Launches Web3 Tattoo Art

“I have always been and remain a proud pioneer! If I could fly to Mars, I would! But for now, look for me in the metaverse!”

Ivana’s special events are sponsored by Ultron, an emerging blockchain project focused on security and higher transaction throughput.

At the moment, the company is building a coherent ecosystem that will quickly deploy new decentralized applications. Their first product was their decentralized exchange.

Cosmic Wire CEO Jerad Fink concluded that he was looking forward to working with Ivana.

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