Cost of publications in

Any posting cost 10 BPART ( BPART v. 2022)

Publishing process

You Pay for publication by BPART tokens on address
0x1829d58a16498006137514C0FF78620Cec29a8AD (Bio Pixel: Deployer )
(Be aware of the small gas commission in BSC it’s very small)
Then send to
1. News materials (press release or article)
2. Link ( of BPART transaction




BPART token the token is available for sale on

The project is NTF world news. The publication of news on will be paid for with BPART tokens from 2022 onwards. If you are planning marketing campaigns in the field of NTF buy BPART and get priority for publishing news and advertisements on
We have every right to correct the material according to the laws or return the material for revision or return the material and BPART if there is a disagreement.

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