British startup develops “Mediverse” to train healthcare workers in VR

In South Wales, medical institutions are working with a VR education startup to create a digital platform for healthcare workers. Mediverse’s goal is to bring healthcare professionals together and enable VR learning from home.

Representatives of the startup Goggleminds said that Mediverse is a step forward in understanding the metaverse. Unlike other medical VR learning apps, medical professionals and medical students will be able to access Mediverse from anywhere and communicate with each other nationally and internationally.

The platform recreates clinical conditions and scenarios in virtual reality as they occur in real life. Doctors, surgeons, nurses and students can test their skills or consolidate their knowledge without endangering themselves and their patients.

British startup develops “Mediverse” to train healthcare workers in VR

According to Goggleminds, VR learning is designed to provide a positive experience for those who master these skills and make it more accessible.

However, Goggleminds is not the only company trying to create an immersive medical experience. Most companies around the world are targeting this niche and experts estimate that this sector will be worth nearly ten billion dollars by 2027.

By the way, in the UK, some hospitals use VR as anesthesia. According to experts, VR anesthesia has only one and rare side effect – motion sickness. It also reduces hospital costs because in some cases, unlike general anesthesia, the patient does not require a subsequent overnight stay.

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